NANUET, NY, April 4, 2016 – With nearly 2,000 spirit brands represented at the 2016 San Francisco World Spirits Competition recently, Bleu Royal Spirits wins the bronze medal. The New York based independently owned premium tequila and rum brand emerged top contender amidst highly-competitive judging at what is considered the largest competition in more than a decade.

“The magnitude of this milestone is much larger than 2 men from New York winning a globally recognized spirit brand award,” explained Sloteur Joseph, co-chief executive officer of Bleu Royal Spirits. “In addition to creating a new conversation around spirit brands, this accolade ignites a movement that nothing is impossible; and whatever you put into language can become your reality.”

Since introducing Bleu Royal Spirits Inc. in 2013, co-founders, and successful entrepreneurs Sloteur Joseph and Kenneth Cook have evolved what was once a homemade rendition on Kremas, a traditional Haitian beverage, into a fast-growing social media spirit brand sensation.

Speaking about the singular taste of Bleu drinks and formulation process, Cook said, “We use top of the line ingredients and technologies to ensure levels are refined to produce the perfect blend. We remove roughly 90 per cent of alcohol impurities adding to the ultra-smooth finish.”

The recent top medal recognition highlights sentiments of early Bleu supporters. Within days of launching the brand, Joseph and Cook secured more than 20 accounts in less than a week. But as quickly as cases were placed, the faster local stores experienced shortages. One of the largest east coast liquor outlets sold 11 cases in less than 24 hours. Initially unprepared for the sudden demand, the owner ensured this time: “I will never sell out every again.”

He represents one of the thousands of Bleu enthusiasts spreading the word about this premium tequila and rum blend. Whether in the store or online, Bleu Royal has captured the hearts and taste buds of spirit lovers around the world.

The company’s recent social media campaign #ANewConversation invites fans to pick up a Bleu drink of choice and join in meaningful conversations. Our “beverage options are versatile,” said Cook, “because we are a lifestyle brand that represents all walks of life, reminding people that there are countless opportunities and possibilities that can be created in life.”

The journey of Joseph and Cook to mainstream tells of their courage, tenacity, and willpower amidst economic and social adversities. Their plans to expand and create Bleu Royal Tequila and Rum Reserve is another example of their strive for excellence. Cook said, “We’re like the Wright brothers, we believe we could fly and we are doing just that.”

For more information, visit, or follow on Instagram @BleuRoyal and Facebook Bleu Royal Spirits.

Lists of all the 2016 award-winning spirits will appear on San Francisco World Spirits Completion website by April 4th. Top medal winners will be featured in the May 2016 issue of The Tasting Panel Magazine.


Bleu Royal Spirits was formulated by the entrepreneurial minds of Kenneth Cook and Sloteur Joseph. They set out to transform the conversation associated with Tequila and Rum. Their goal was to develop a New Category in which A New Conversation could be born within the community of spirit consumers.

As a result, they generated the possibility of Bleu Royal. Premium Tequila perfectly blended with Fine Rum, Blue Agave Nectar which forms an enticing aroma and amazing taste. They used an an all-natural, patented process that refines their spirit by removing impurities making Bleu Royal a distinctively smooth, luxurious experience with superior taste.